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Let us Make your First Dance Memorable
Bride & Groom- Father & Daughter – Mother&Son – Wedding Parties

If you want to surprise your family and friends with a choreographed wedding dance or if you want to get the basic dance steps down, we can help you.
Tell us about your dream wedding dance and we will help achieve your wishes.


It’s your wedding day and all eyes are on YOU.
It’s your time to shine!
Beginners are welcomed and encouraged!
It doesn’t matter if you have no dance experience or if you are a seasoned professional, our job is to make you look good
and feel confident on your big day.
Whether you want to learn some traditional
ballroom styles or venture into more contemporary dance styles such as hip hop and jazz, we can offer you wedding dance lessons with a wide range of styles. We use our diverse dance background to make your first dance stand out above the rest!


We love working with parents of the bride and groom! This is such an exciting time and we are always honored to be a part of the process. Whether you are just looking to learn some basic moves and loosen up on the dance floor… or if you want a choreographed Father/Daughter or Mother/Son dance…
Our staff will work with you to accomplish your goals and make you sparkle at this special event.


Surprise your guests with a choreographed routine by your entire wedding party!
Your wedding is a celebration and what better way to set the mood for a good time then a choreographed group dance.
No prior dance experience necessary… We promise!


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