Workshop Christmas Burlesque dành cho Người lớn

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Workshop Burlesque và Trình diễn
Dành cho Người lớn – Mọi cấp độ

Christmas and the holiday season is about giving and this year, we are going to give to OURSELVES.
Get ready for a Bratty Burlesque finish to the year. We will learn and perform to a special song called… “MORE!!!”
On this special day you will receive the gift of two teachers.
A special collaboration with Trong Lam and John Huy Tran for this fun Burlesque Dance and Performance Workshop.

This workshop is open to all levels, whether you have dance experience or not, this is a great workshop for you.
On this special day you will have permission to be a brat, to act entitled, to be demanding… all in the spirit of light hearted fun.
We will begin with warm up and learn the routine. Afterwards we will have some time for refreshments and make up if you want. We will end the class with photos and videos time where we will film in a lightly decorated studio.

It is highly recommended to dress the part, it also highly encouraged to not take yourself too seriously in this workshop, and remember to encourage one another, applaud, cheer, celebrate and simply have a good time.

Chủ nhật, ngày 11/12, 2pm – 4pm tại Dancenter.
Giáo viên: John Huy TrầnTrọng Lâm.

HỌC PHÍ: 320,000vnd
Phí đăng ký sớm (đến hết ngày 9/12): 280,000vnd

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