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Before deciding to pursue a career in Dance, Xoay attended the University of Physical Education and Sports and joined the Vietnam National Team of Gymnastics.

The turning point for Xoay to switch to dancing was when she participated in the So You Think You Can Dance (Vietnam) season 2 and reached the Top 4 finalists.

From 2014 to 2018, Xoay was a member of UDG. She had the chance to explore a wide range of dance styles, including Ballet and Jazz with her first dance teachers: John Huy Tran, Sabra Johnson and Linh Rateau.

Xoay had to opportunity to join renowned choreographer Hani Abaza as his teaching assistant for the Summer Camp Training Art and Soul Dance Company 2018 in Canada.

Another highlight in Xoay’s learning journey was when she attended a 6-month Dance Exchange program in Korea. Within the framework of the program, Xoay learnt more about Contemporary with 12 different teachers, participated in choreographing and performing for International Dance Festivals in Seoul, Sejong and Cheoan. Xoay also spent time to learning Swing Dance here.

« Welcome to Dancenter! I am Ms. Xoay, an official teacher at the center since 2021. I am passionate about dancing and believe that dancing is not only a form of dance, but also a source of Great inspiration for my life and society.

With my experience and passion, I have achieved much success and had admirable experiences in the field of dancing. I am very happy and proud to share my knowledge and experience with students at Dancenter Vietnam. Come to my class to experience the creativity, enthusiasm and joy that comes from dancing!

If you are looking for a friendly and professional learning environment, come to us at Dancenter Vietnam. Let us explore and develop your talent together through the art of dancing!»


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