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What do we learn in Preparatory level at Dancenter?

Updated: Jun 25

From the age of 6, we GENTLY introduce our students to the TECHNIQUE of Ballet, Acro and/or Jazz Hop.

Dancenter Preparatory level is a transition from our playful classes (Dance Play/Dance Intro) to Dancenter’s formal classes program (Level 1-6).

Our goal is to nurture your child’s interest in dance, while increasing coordination, concentration levels, cooperation, and ability to follow instructions.

Discipline vs self-discipline

For many, dance and especially Ballet has a reputation for being taught with strict discipline.

At Dancenter, we accompany your children in finding their passion for dancing first.

From our experience, we witness that our students who fall in love with dancing, are the ones who naturally develop stronger self discipline.

Once their passion has been found, the young dancer makes all the effort themselves, because they want to and not because they are forced to.

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