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Why we choose for our children to “play”?

Updated: Jun 25

Because there are so many benefits to children taking dance lessons, parents often want to get them into Ballet or Jazz classes as soon as possible. Dancenter classes have age restrictions and there are good reasons for these which we’d like to share.

From age 4 to 5 years old, we want our children to dance and play!

At such a young age, our aim isn’t to make the child a brilliant dancer. It is to help them see if they develop a love for dancing that could lead to enjoyment in more formal dance lessons.

We wish for your children to freely express themselves through general body movement discovery in space (direction), time (rhythm) and volume (texture).

Each dance game, we are “playing” has a purpose. They allow our students to develop their motor skill coordination, social skills as well their self-expression in a nurturing environment.

Seeing our children jumping like “little rabbits” doesn’t look like dance technique… yet! Week after week, they are learning to jump with their feet placed together, to follow a direction and a beat, to use the bend in their knees to jump higher and to keep their balance with a soft controlled landing. All above with smiles and giggles!

From the age of 6, our children are ready to be gently introduced to “proper” dance lessons.

A certain level of maturity and self-discipline is required for Ballet/Jazz students to learn formal steps with the technical terminology. As well as improving flexibility and becoming aware of posture.

Our young dancers will continue to be classed as beginners, even if they have taken dance classes before, as here they will be taught the fundamental techniques of their chosen dance genre.

With our experience, young students who started dancing with movement and game pedagogy are happier, more confident, and highly engaged to then start their Ballet or Jazz “formal dance training”.

Written by Linh Rateau - Founder & Director at Dancenter

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