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Since 2020, Hieu has been an Acro Teacher at Dancenter. His experience goes back even further, with four years spent as an assistant teacher where he honed his teaching skills from his Teacher John Huy Tran.

He fosters a fun and encouraging environment where students can flourish. Hieu embodies the philosophy of "always a student, never a master". He constantly learns from his students even as he guides them. Passionate Breaker ( B-boying ): Hieu's dedication to his passion is evident. He not only excels as a Acro teacher but also holds a gold medal from the Youth Olympic Games 2018 in Buenos Aires showcasing his mastery of the art form.

Hieu's love for movement extends beyond acro. He is also a skilled breaker, seeing a connection and shared spirit between the two disciplines. Both acro and breaking demand constant improvement, a quality Hieu exemplifies through his achievements and pursuit of pushing boundaries.

Hieu's journey is one of continuous learning, growth, and a passion for inspiring others to reach their full potential in the world of movement.

«I am so grateful to be a dance teacher. Dancing helps me understand what I want, share my voice and stories that cannot be told by words. I hope that my class will bring positive energy, enthusiasm and that people can enjoy all the wonderful things about dancing »


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